Mocking Bird is your single source for all landscaping services, we would partner with you to create a landscape maintenance plan that increases your property value and enhances your curb appeal in your surrounding community. We pride ourselves in designing, installing, maintaining and protecting gorgeous and long-lasting landscapes that promote the natural beauty of your property for years to come. In addition, we also offers a wide range of services that can help highlight the beauty of your outdoor environment, through retaining walls, pavers, or drainage solutions.

Mocking Bird Landscaping Services is a leader in commercial landscape maintenance in the San Antonio area. Mocking Bird can provide for all of your landscaping needs. We offer landscape design, installation, and maintenance; irrigation installation, maintenance and repair, drainage solutions, and tree trimming.


Mocking Bird is pleased to offer the following landscaping services:

Mission Statement

Mocking Bird Landscaping services is dedicated to consistently exceeding each customer’s expectations. We accomplish this goal by creating valuable relationships with our customers and providing premium service at a fair price. We have grown our business with honesty and integrity, honoring God in all that we do.


Randall Martinez, CAM, CAPS

I’ve had the pleasure to have Mocking Bird Landscape Services do service for me for the past 4 years and I can only sum it up in one work, impeccable. The workmanship and pride showcased is way beyond what is needed. The employees are outstanding and very knowledgeable. It’s one thing to have a career but it’s another thing to love what you do and the employees of Mocking Bird prove that! Thank you Mocking Bird and keep up the great work!

Gail Kopecky, CAM/CAPS

I have known Matt Dory and used Mockingbird since 1997 (Texas Mockingbird). I have changed properties over the years and always ended up calling Matt to take over my landscape maintenance. I can always be assured that Mockingbird and Matt will straighten out what ever problems I might be having and make my property look the best it possibly can. Mockingbird has been on my current property from 2009 to present. Its with the highest regard that I would recommend this company.